The Magic Healing Spell - And The Radio Trigger

on August 09, 2015

The magic healing spell for photographers is: " If I put it away carefully, it will be better in the morning...". You say this spell whenever a piece of equipment falters. Then you tuck it away until you really really need it, and when you take it out fails completely.

Whereupon you say other magic words. Short words, but emphatic...

Yesterday in the studio. The radio trigger. The old dodgy radio trigger. The old dodgy, it will be good for one more time, radio trigger. The I need it badly to work this one more time because I forgot my new radio trigger back home, radio trigger...

You've guessed where this is going.

Thank Heaven and Mr. Elinchrom that each of their studio monoblocks has an in-built IR trigger cell - and that you can put a Fujifilm EF 42 flash on the Fujifilm X-Pro1 and swivel it around to point at the back wall and turn it down to 1/32 power. Not enough to foul up the lighting scheme but powerful enough to trigger the monoblocks.

I am ashamed that I forgot the new radio trigger - also from Elinchrom - but I am proud that I made the lash-up work. I hope I have learned my lesson.