The Mirror-less Strap According To Peak

on January 18, 2016

Mirror-less cameras are becoming a way of art for a lot of us. Some choose them because they want a lighter package to carry - some choose them for the quick handling - some for their unobtrusiveness. I love mine for the vibrant jpeg images that shoot straight onto the web page.

Every manufacturer of a camera gives the buyer a camera strap in the package. But many buyers shy away from these and look for aftermarket ones with special features - thus the Peak Design" Leash ".

Is this a good one for you to take your mirror-less camera for a walk? Well look at the details:<name>=Peak-Design-Anchor-Links-%23AL-1-peak-design&catalog<product_guids><0>=1167785

The snap-on camera connector that can be detached from the main strap for packing or studio use. Those Kevlar cords are internally coded so that if you ever do wear the tough little things out they give you a yellow and then a red signal for replacement.

The strap is slick premium-quality webbing with an adjustable buckle in the middle.<name>=Peak-Design-Anchor-Links-%23AL-1-peak-design&catalog<product_guids><0>=1167785

The camera can be attached by its integral lugs as per the regular maker's strap or you can opt for the Peak quick release plate on the bottom surface of the body. This in turn can mate with Peak belt docks or Manfrotto tripod quick release shoes. If you need to carry the camera body at an odd angle this strap will mate to it.

And it is narrower than the full-size DSLR strap.

In store & available on our online shop now with the other fine Peak products in our bag and strap section.