The Nano-State

on March 15, 2017

Not the nanny state - that's a different ketle of fish. We're talking about minor equipmant and accessories that we can use for major photography.

Light stands, like porridge, come in three sizes; too big, too small, and Goldilocks. Errr...I mean just right.

The too big ones look great in the catalogs and in cavernous studios but you are in real trouble when you try to shift them...and as for trying to get them from one job to another in the hatchback - forget it.

The too little ones look cute and portable but the only thing they ever light up is your knee.Plus they fall over at the touch of a feather.

The just right ones are somewhere in between and, like this Manfrotto Nano Tripod, they get used in all sorts of situations. While the term nano suggests smallness and lightness, this stand can take standard-sized studio heads with ease. It has positive screw locks for the sections and can easily rise up far enough to do standing portraits.

It also has two special features; it has a sliding rider on one of the tripod legs to allow you to adjust it for uneven floors, and it hs a detachable centre column.The legs can be induced to fold back against the column to reduce the packed length for transport.

I should think that three of them could fit into a medium-sized suitcase for air transport.They would be the ideal support structure for speedlights and strobist lighting setups. And as they are Manfrotto, they carry a good warranty and a great deal of red and black Italian style.

The detached centre column also suggests using it as a hand-held light pole.