The New Toys

on October 01, 2018
This part of our newsletter could expand until your mailbox filled up and your ISP growled at you - there are always new things coming into Camera Electronic. If it seems a bit brief, it's to save your computer...In the next little while you will see notices for displays or delivery of a number of good new goods:
  1. The Profoto B10 portable studio light. Seen this month in the hands of Stefan Gosatti, this is better than sliced bread for the fashion, portrait, and event photographers who need 250 w/s and independence from mains power. Watch our review at Check out specifications at
  2. The BenQ SW240 On The Go - developed by BenQ and us with you in mind - means you'll be able to have a professional monitor in truly portable form - cases, screens, shades, power supplies - that you can take with you as you work in the field. if you need to do it right and tight, this'll do it RIGHT. Check out specifications at
  3. The Nikon Z system of mirror-less cameras with new Nikon lenses is just about to come on stream - we'll be seeing touch and try sessions and hope to be able to predict when stock might be ready for sale. Pre-orders put you first in the queue. Watch our review at Z6 Check out specifications at Z7 Check out specifications at
  4. The new Canon mirror-less EOS R system is also going to wow the pro and amateur market - we've had a handle and a dandle if it already at a Canon Australia launch. Their new lens mount means new glass as well. Watch our review at Check out specifications at
  5. The Leica M10-P is coming. The stealth version of the Leica M10 - no red dot. You will be able to photograph a riot without attracting rocks and bottles. Good thing it won't be expensive - what with the riot and all... Check out specification at
  6. DJI Mavic 2 Pro and DJI Mavic 2 Zoom. Here's the next levels up in the drone fleet; one with a Hasselblad lens and 1" Sony sensor and one with a 24-48mm zoom lens. They fly farther, faster, and quieter and turn in even better image quality . The true leaders of the civil UAV market. Check out specifications at or
  7. Fujifilm now have the next flagship mirror-less body in release - the X-T3. It's going to be fun to wring it out in the studio and field against the X-T2 with latest firmware. Will we see a useful improvement? Keep tuned to the Camera Electronic weblog column when the writer goes out and goes mad. Check out specifications at or
  8. Fujifilm users who have opted for the Fujifilm GFX medium format system will be looking out for the GFX 250mm lens and the 1.4 X converter. Rather like we did in the film days when we all seemed to get hold of a 250mm ( ahem ) Hasselblad lens for our 500-series bodies. These were a gift for the wedding or event shooter then and I'll bet the new Fujifilm optics will prove just as valuable.
  9. The new Nikon Coolpix P1000 is in stock and on the shelf and we know it works because it has just passed the weblog columnist's tests. A phenomenal lens on this camera - the wildlife, bird, and airshow shooters need to try it for themselves. Watch our review at Check out specifications at