The Nikon Australia Volunteer Programme - FotoFreo

on December 21, 2011
FotoFreo is a not for profit organization which relies on a large number of dedicated volunteers. In fact, without the help of the volunteers the Festival would not be as successful as it is now widely recognised to be. In recognition of this contribution by the FotoFreo Volunteers, Nikon Australia specifically supports the FotoFreo Volunteer Programme in a number of ways. In addition to the core volunteers who compose the organizational committee, a large number of volunteers are required to help with the running of the Festival activities in a range of capacities, as outlined below.

Technical assistance

  • Exhibition assistants: assisting with the bump in and bump out of the exhibitions and involving undertaking condition reports, hanging exhibitions and adjusting lighting.
  • Audiovisual technician: assisting with the technical set up of conferences, seminar projections and any events where audiovisual equipment is required.
  • “Runners”: taking deliveries of good and carrying general errands.

General administration

  • Administrative assistants: assisting with the day to day running of the festival by staffing phones, taking deliveries of goods, answering and directing inquiries.
  • Media assistants: writing media releases and preparing documentation for exhibitions and other festival events.
  • Travel and accommodation coordinator: assisting guests with bookings of tickets and collecting all information related to guests’ stay (arrival and departure day and time, accommodation, etc.) and coordinating with the Airport Contact guide.
  • Airport contact guide: assisting with collecting and delivering visiting photographers and speakers from the airport.

Protocol service – Non-art functions

  • Event attendants: assisting at various events such as openings, the conference, seminars, projections, lecture series, floor talks and workshops. This work would involve meeting and directing people as they enter, issuing badges, tickets, assist with running raffles, counting attendees, preparing and serving food and tidying up.
  • Bar operations: serving wine, beer or soft drinks; collecting, washing and cleaning glasses; setting up, packing up and tidying up, handling cash from sales if the bar is licensed.

Protocol service – Art functions

  • Venue “captains”: supervising venue attendants and liaising with the Volunteers Coordinator for any issue, as well as undertaking the same duties as venue attendants.
  • Venue attendants: opening and closing the venue; keeping a watch on the exhibitions; counting the number of visitors; handing out catalogues; conducting surveys; advising or providing visitors information about the exhibition, the Festival and other venues.
  • Tour guides (if tours are arranged): acting as a guide on the bus and walking tours by providing background information on the exhibitions and the photographers.

Requirements for a Volunteer

FotoFreo is a fun, but professional, Festival and as a consequence, volunteers should be of a like mind. We hope our volunteers will enjoy the experience and want to participate as a volunteer in future Festivals. To participate in the Nikon Australia programme, volunteers must:

  • Have good communication skills, be enthusiastic and willing to help
  • Have means of transport or be close to reliable public transport
  • Have a mobile phone, a reliable contact number and an email address
  • Be familiar with FotoFreo and all its events
  • Have a knowledge of photography or an interest in photography
  • Be prepared to work a minimum of three hours at any one time or at an event
  • Be of presentable appearance and prepared to wear the funky FotoFreo T-shirt at all times when on duty
  • Be prepared to sign the “Volunteers Letter of Understanding” (see attached).


In exchange for your time and energy, volunteers will be given the following rewards:
  • A FotoFreo 2012 T-shirt
  • Free admission to the audio visual projections
  • Invitations to a range of insider events such as the Sponsors, Partners and Participants reception
  • Free tickets to the Incite Speakers Programme
  • Discounts from selected retail stores and service providers (to be arranged)
  • Personalised certificate of acknowledgement and appreciation
  • Volunteers that commit to or donate 20 hours of time will be given a free ticket to participate in one of the paid FotoFreo workshops
  • Be in the running for a number of prizes donated by Nikon Australia and other sponsors (details to be posted as soon as they are finalised) to be decided on the basis of the total amount of time provided by each volunteer.
To become a FotoFreo 2012 Volunteer, apply now.