The Quicker Shot For Slow - Moving Objects

on March 12, 2014
I set my new Lumix GX-7...a gift from the Panasonic medium burst speed on the drive button today then carefully turned it off. I am sure it would do fine burst shooting, but I have never yet managed to get the stop-motion that I wanted with any automatic shooting with any camera. Even the studio monorail - a 4 x 5 Linhof is kept to individual shots. It just seems to capture the moment so much better than the dozens of images that a motor drive produces.

The resultant shots of the Asakusa Temple in Tokyo worked out very well, though you'll have to see what I mean when I get back. If I set the camera on single shot and manually preset the focus, it is lightning fast when it comes to capturing the stret scenes. In the case of today's shooting the temple did not move fast, nor did the statues of the Buddha, and as far as caring whether I was taking pictures...well every other local tourist was doing just the same. So no need for the silent mode.

The GX-7 is phenomenal when it comes to fast street work as it is configured to fit very snugly into the right hand and with the tilting LCD screen it is easy to grab a snapshot in any situation. It seems to be somewhat weather resistant as well, though I would not care to exercise it in a downpour. It survived a trip on Tokyo Bay in a floating restaurant at about 15 kits with a quartering sea. Close to the dumbest use of either a boat or a digestive system that I have ever heard of...

Tomorrow we try it at the art museum!

Uncle Dick