The Silent Sales Assistant

on January 26, 2017

I went into our new Murray Street store* one week and stole one of the Olympus Pen F pamphlets from the rack...

Well, it wasn't considered stealing. The brochures were right there, and anyone - you included - could go in there and pick one up and take it away. Camera Electronic and Olympus Imaging would be delighted if you would. Because they would like to hire you as a salesperson.

The hours of work? 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

The pay? No fact you pay THEM a little over two thousand dollars for the privilege of doing the work.

The working conditions? You work everywhere - in your loungeroom, at the dinner table, on the may be called upon to sit up late at night in bed as your partner tries to sleep, selling Olympus cameras. You are expected to be relentless, and if we know will be.

The reason? You have an actual printed camera book in your hand. You, as a potential buyer of the superb Olympus Pen F camera and lenses, are going to sell it to yourself.

You are going to return again and again to that printed book. You'll look at the pictures taken in Melbourne and even though they are of the monstrously ugly Federation Square buildings, the fact that they are taken in Australia with the Pen F will tell you that YOU could do the same. This is a technology that you can work with.

There is the technical information. There are the fashion-design accessories. And there are the lenses...and you cannot pass the lens page without thinking which of them would be best for you...there is one of those lenses that is EXACTLY right for you and your vision...if only you can find it...Do not despair - even if you have to buy three lenses before you find your optical soul-mate, you will have two spare views of the world that will make your life better, And who knows what your vision will evolve into when you use those other two lenses...

Okay, here's the bottom line. Olympus Imaging has elected to make an expensive advertising brochure. Some other camera makers have decided not to do this anymore - they've decided to save a Yen by putting everything they advertise on-line. They've fallen for the vision of a net world.

But there you are, still reading that Olympus Pen F brochure at 11:30 at night in bed...and you are going to come into Camera Elecronic and spend the money to get the camera and a lens. Because you have sold it to you. You have got a yen for an Olympus...

* Good news. You have sold yourself an extremely good camera. Your judgement is sound. Now go out and go mad, as one of my old work colleagues used to say. You will succeed.