The Small Big Screen For the Big Small Cameras - 501

on July 28, 2015

The video people who use DSLR and mirror-less cameras get to play with all the cool toys. The cameras themselves can be set up to record motion picture footage in incredible detail these days - so much so that it can surpass the capabilities of the LCD screen that is fitted to the camera. More detail, bigger picture.

Videographers need to see what is happening as it happens. They frequently fit external monitor screens to their rigs - not just for the look of the thing but for the review capability that it gives them.

Now the Small HD corporation has produced the 501 model - very well made with a multitude of connections that let the signal in, or out again, and display it with 1920 x 1080 and perfect broadcast colour ( 100% Rec.709 )

It will produce HD waveform and scopes.

It's not plastic trouble construction - the case is hefty aluminium with, as you can see, connection bays for Canon LP-E6 batteries and three different mounting points - all 1/4" threaded sockets in metal.

Professional quality without being the size of a monolith.