The Solar Powered Camera

on September 14, 2015

It should be possible to capture, modify, project, and publish our images totally with solar power. The dream of those great advocates of eco-friendly green sustainable art - J.P. Morgan and Andrew Carnegie - is to become real at last. We are to get solar panels for the roof.

By we, I mean we here at Camera Electronic. They are installing solar panels on the roof and presumably will be leading the resultant electricity into the building somewhere*. If they just left it around on two bare wires I could see trouble, but I think they will connect it into the regular wires. Some f he sunlight will come down to the shop, the camera batteries will absorb it, and it will go onto the memory cards. And since the computer and the printer are connected to the mains, there it will be in them.

The business is not new to me - our house has had a set of panels for a year and a bit and the electricity bills are considerably reduced. They would be further lessened if the family would learn to turn off the darned lights once in a while ( Did you know there is a light fitted inside the garbage bin to illuminate the orange peels and bean cans? And that it operates all the time? There must be, from the amount of wattage that flows through the meter...). I am confident that it all works because if you stick your fingers in the empty socket of the desk light it still makes a bang and you fly backward across he room.

Note the heading image. It is a wonderful machine and I would love to climb into the basket and drive it around the place but the tradesmen riggers have restrained me. No fun, some people. No fun at all.

* Apparently they are removing the codfish drying racks and boiling oil caldron from the roof.

Uncle Dick