The Stylish Traveller With ONA

on December 02, 2015

I cannot remember where I read the earnest fashion advice that told me never to wear brown. It wasn't just directed to me alone - it was broadcast to the whole world. You were urged ( ordered is perhaps a little strong...) to wear black or grey. Presumably this was to demonstrate your power and sophistication. Or maybe the author had shares in a dye-works and they were overstocked with black...

Whatever - apart from retail service in a black uniform and the use of a black tee-shirt in the studio ( so as to not show up in the reflected images on toy car hubcaps, of knew that anyway...) I have dressed in various shades of brown for decades. Browns, greens, tans, khakis, drabs...they all help to blend into the landscape. I have not taken to putting Lens Coat covers on the optics but it has been tempting...

Well, this is all as introduction to the ONA Kingston bag in Field Tan. It's a satchel bag for smaller camera systems and smaller computers - but is made in such a way as to be a faithful companion for travellers as well as for urban use. The cloth appearance is deliberate - the fashion is rugged without being crude.

Inside - laptop or tablet plus cards and papers. Mirror-less system camera and an extra lens. Note the signature finish on the internal pockets - leather edging like a good cartridge bag. A good padding on each side wall

Note also the extremely safe nature of the handle attachment- riveted and sewn - and the Brass D rings. There's a strong webbing shoulder strap packed inside there as well. Two open external paper pouches.

Market for this one? Travellers. Practical people with a country style about them. People who do a lot with a little. This is a long-term bag.