The Treasure Of The Inca

on December 19, 2018
Calling all Conquistadores...your new bag is ready. The Inca brand has gotten some wry looks in the past - people have equated it with cheap goods and pooh-poohed it. But I have an Inca studio backdrop set that I bought 35 years ago and it is still holding up backdrops don't believe all the raised eyebrows you see. This Inca lightweight back pack is actually a sleeper - a gem of a product that few people consider. Think about this: a. It is light - no added grammes to weigh you down even before you start to add gear. b. It is strongly made - there is padding around the side and good stitching. It's pretty basic and the style is plain, but... c. The plain style will not attract the attention of the thieves. d. It is small enough to carry anywhere and to stuff in overhead lockers. Despite the airlines. e. It is big enough to swallow a considerable mirror-less outfit or a small DSLR kit. f. It's red inside and you can see stray bits of black equipment against the colour. Clean, smooth, grit-free lining.* Smart device pocket. g. The price is not a bank account breaker. It'll leave you money that you can spend on a lens or a flash. What's not to like? Note that Inca make a lot of gear - from the studio accessories to batteries to bags to lighting gear. If it seems light-duty, console yourself that it is also light weight - and remember the 35-year old backdrop set that has been banging about the back of my cars all that time. * Clean your camera bag regularly. I peered into the bottom of my standard Tamrac roll-around and was horrified at the collection of crumbs and cat fluff down there. Any wonder there are spots on sensors? I vacuumed it thoroughly. And the cat.