The Triumph Of The Will I Or Won't I...?

on January 08, 2015

The Temptation was always there. Whenever it threatened to go away, I made sure it stayed, and provided new reasons to give in to It...

You know how it goes. I found a spare $ 1000 sitting in the back pocket of my jeans when I went to put them in the wash, along with the Coles voucher that saves 4¢ on petrol. Rather than wasting it on housing, groceries, or medicine, I decided to buy a new piece of photographic equipment. The only difficulty was deciding what to get.

Should it be a new camera or lens? A new tripod? A new monitor? A new printer? Or 250 monogrammed lens cloths? Oh the decisions, the decisions...

Would it be a good idea to put a down payment on something really, really expensive and then put the jeans back in the closet with a $ 50 bill in the back pocket as seed? Maybe more will grow.

How about an overseas holiday to take award-winning iconic images of Kuta Beach.
Or a domestic trip to Margaret River to take award-winning iconic images of the underside of a table in a winery. Well, I was really torn now...

Then it came to me - I knew. I knew. Perfect. An action camera, a long bamboo pole from Bunnings, and a trip to the dunes out the back of Swanbourne Beach. The images might not be award-winning but By Golly they were iconic.

Uncle Dick