The Ultimate Cool

on September 06, 2015

You can tell when people want to be cool - the clothing and mannerisms give them away. Oddly enough, where you would expect extreme conservatism in taste to be the order of the day, the opposite often prevails. Witness the rash of tight jeans, red shoes, and hair in topknots.

Of course modern coolsters can also point to the hairstyles and clothing selections of former times and laugh at the theatrical nature of it all. From the profusion of moustaches and beards on the faces of the young women to the high heels and nylon stockings of the young men, it has all been a show...

One feature of coolicity we have noticed here in the shop has been the trend-driven purchasing of cameras. We've seen fads for instant cameras, plastic film cameras, action cameras, and no end of other oddities. In some cases they have spent serious money on odd products.

Well, if anyone wants to be cool, retro, historical, and hip ( Hep? Hop? Hoop? Ah the hell with it...) here is one mechanical statement that cannot be ignored. Leica screw mount camera - full shutter speeds, no flash synchro, 50mm Elmar folding lens. Pocket history, with the potential to put you out there with the very best of the street and candid workers of the 20th century. Never mind wearing your cap backwards. Wear this on the front of your tee shirt and do the deed in style.

It's heavier than your mobile phone but lighter than your conscience. It takes B/W negative film and you really do have to know what you are doing to use it. It will not think for you or about you, but it will obey your commands. Command wisely. You are in powerful company.

Costly? No. Less than the newest compact darling. Lasting? It's lasted 'til now and bids fair to outlast everything on the market today.

Cool? Frosty.