Through A Glass Darkly - The New Canon Camera Is Seen

on September 01, 2016

I am possibly fairly nearly almost positive that I have seen the new Canon EOS 5D MkIV camera*. It was at the Flour Factory restaurant/bar last night in Queen Street in Perth - just down the street from a new camera shop...**

Canon Australia brought an example of the new camera to the venue, and if you got there early and there was some residual light, you could see it. You could certainly see the large prints that Hugh Brown had taken with the camera. And you could see Hugh Brown.

Canon Australia let him have a go with this newest of their DSLR range because Hugh has been a Canon shooter from waaaaay back - some 17 years. He is thoroughly familiar with the operation of the marque and has used them for great photojournalism in appalling conditions.

I do mean appalling - he's taken Canon cameras to horrible depths in mines and terrible heights on volcanos. He's subjected them to dust and acid fumes and heat and cold to an extent that would leave our speck-of-dust local photographers unconscious with anxiety. And apparently the Canon cameras just keep on ticking... I can't tell you what his lungs are like, though...

Well, Hugh's impressed with the EOS 5d Mk IV. He got a rotten night to try it out on - rain and mist - but even given the poor atmospheric conditions he could show the improvements in the image noise that the new camera makes over older Canon models. Once he got into the dry conditions of the Fremantle markets he made a delightful environmental portrait - all on the spur of the moment, as the new EOS 5d Mk IV has added yet another step level of ISO performance.

A quick cut-away to the food. Brad isn't quite sure what it is either...

Note to equipment enthusiasts: There are two new Canon lenses coming out that you can marry with this camera - a new 24-105*** and a new 16-35. If you are going to get a new top-of-the-line camera you might as well pop for a new lens as well. No-one is ever sad with a new lens.

Now Perth photographers are a sort of laid-back bunch in many respects. They do not whoop and cheer at these events like an Oprah show. But they do listen pretty darned carefully to a technical presentation and then to a candid report of the goods on offer. Every one of the listeners will make their own private assessment and that will be the principal determinant of whether they will spend their money, but I must say I am impressed with their good sense and good manners in giving strict attention to the speaker. Well done, folks.

At the end I was able to track down the elusive Canon EOS 5d Mk IV in the ( rather attractive ) hands of one of the other photographers. We'll have to wait a little for the appearance of the new lenses, but remember that ALL " L " lenses fit this camera and they ALL look good. Saul mentioned that people can pre-order the new camera....and as they are going to be in high demand that is a good idea. You can always call here to the shop and offer money - and you will engage our instant and complete attention.

* It was a dark place...

* And more of that anon...

***I should advise this for all the people who want to use this camera for video work. The old 24-105 was great and the new one will have even better and quieter performance.