Travels, Tours, And Journeys Coming Up

on October 01, 2018
We must leave you to define tours, travels, and journeys for yourselves - you'll all have different concepts of which is best - based upon what has happened to you in the past. But here are a few hints for the coming few months about trips - with cameras - that you might like to make:
  1. There is a 2018 competition that Nikon Australia is advertising that will take winners to Kenya in 2019. That is 6 days of wild animals at the Sanctuary Olonana with a great deal of luxury and adventure. They promise to bring you back in one piece... The rules of the contest are available from the website but please note that there is a purchase requirement and the window of opportunity for entry closes at the end of October 2018. Time to look it up and pop in to get your new equipment.
  2. Canon Australia are not behindhand either - they are planning a Canon Collective journey to Patagonia in 2019 to allow their participants to see the amazing butterflies, waterfalls, and scenery of this unspoiled portion of South America. Participants will have access to a wide range of Canon equipment while pursuing this adventure. If you go to their web page for and look up Iconic Patagonia 2019 you may well be tempted...
  3. if it is a closer journey you fancy but still with a fully guided photographic experience, may we suggest you contact Adam Monk at Adam Monk Photography and discuss Tasmania in 2019. 12 full days on tour in March 2019 in one of the great wilderness areas of the world - but you'll get all your meals and travel in comfort. You'll also get great tuition and help from Adam and Paul Hoelen as you make what may well be award-winning landscape photos for your collection or your competition entries.
They promise wilderness, day hikes, hot showers and lots of good food!
  1. Nick Melidonis is going to Borneo in March and April 2019, and you can go with him. Warmer than Tasmania, but just as wild, with river trips, wildlife, and new cultures to explore. Again, remember that Nick is a Master photographer and you can depend upon him to help you make the most photographically from your time on this journey.
  2. Seng Mah has a website at that will intrigue you. He's going to take 9 people to India next year for a cultural photographic tour that will include Dehli, Varanasi, Agra, Jaipur, and many places in between. He says the pace will be moderate....
But you'll need patience. There may not be space for you unless someone cancels. Do go to the website and contact Seng Mah to see if this might be the case. You may be in luck.
  1. For the grandest road trip of your life, consider the plan Tony Hewitt and Peter Eastway have for a trip round the iconic landscapes of the American Southwest - Yosemite, Death Valley, Horsehoe Bend, Las Vegas...The trip is via luxury Mercedes coach and since it will be running in February 2019, the crowds at the national parks should be light and the light should be fabulous.
12 days/ 11 nights of intense photography and the chance to win all your money back at Las Vegas. Do go to and check out the rather nice animated brochure they use as an introduction. This tour promises to be a definite winner in the enjoyment as well as aesthetic categories.