Up And Down The Aisles - Camera Electronic's New Shop In the City

on November 28, 2016

Before we dissolve into a festival of pack shots I thought it would be best to give you an overall look at the new premises that Camera Elelctronic will be using to supply Perth City people with the best in photo gear.

You can find the place near the corner of Murray and Queen Street in Perth - just past the Bohemian and the Moon And Sixpence pubs along the railway side of the street. Head on up toward the fun end of town.

Well the shop colour is the elegant black,white, and grey that you saw when we changed appearance in Stirling Street. The signage is the same as Stirling Street, so if you found us there, you can find us here. And we're here a lot of the time.

Looking into the shop, you'll see that it has two main aisles:

And there are side cabinets full of equipment - all organised into separate brand names and types.
You can shoot professionally, artistically, or comfortably with the cameras and lenses that we sell.

Here's the look from the working end of the shop. This is the position the staff occupy as you come in the door waving your credit card...Do not be concerned - they have been trained to sell you things and take your money. All is well...

And remember that these are professionals. They have years of experience in photography. They can carefully analyse your needs and recommend the best choice of equipment and the best procedures for its use. They can help you without getting bogged down in technicalities.

And sometimes on a good day they can answer the telephone successfully. It's for you...

Camera Electronic now open at 2/324 Murray St, Perth.