Waist Gunner At A Wedding

on May 28, 2012
I'm a little nervous about a new product that has appeared on the shop shelf behind me. It appears to be a box with a picture of a camera support rig on it- and they have illustrated it with a DSLR and video viewer on one face and a full-fledged video camera on another.

It has two handles either side pointing down and a third arm that swings out and rests on the shoulder. Presumably it can support a massive camera and lens combination at head height. The handles allow the gunner to track the bride smoothly as she moves past and the shoulder rest means the level will not change. I do not know how much lead you need to give her, but if if she is attending the wedding in a Messerschmidt 109 I should say about 50 yards.

I am not nervous about this - weddings are simple things and as there are only three professional participants at the average affair - the celebrant, the organist, and me - and as I have heretofore restricted myself to still photography only, finding it hard to take an adequate video on a 4 x 5 plate camera, the use of the rig is not a concern. Those who do shoot videos or Focke Wulfs will love it.

I am worried about the packaging. It has a large grey CE on it, and as we have recently re-badged the shop with large grey CE logos, I cannot be sure whether this is a commercial product or whether Ernest has been busy in the workshop after hours. Someone suggested that the CE refers to the European Community, but from what I read in the paper the last time they had a community was when they were flying the Messerschmidts.

Never mind - if you are a videographer come in and try it out. Brandon knows all about this sort of thing and he can show you how it works. PS - beware of brides who hunt in squadrons - they'll come at you from the 12:00 o 'clock high position firing rockets.