Well, Hush My Mouth With Beseler

on January 07, 2015

Yes, it's real.

A Beseler Cadet II enlarger.

Yes, it's new, sealed in the box. Yes, you can do 35mm enlargements in your darkroom with it. If you buy it from us we'll give you a free set of Ilford Multigrade filters and an easel to use with it.

If this seems like a pretty retro advertisement for a store that is crammed full of digital cameras and accessories, bear in mind that there are still dedicated film workers out there and people who would like to experience the art as it once was.

No-one as yet has come in and asked for daguerreotype plates ready-made or a jug of mercury but we would not be surprised...in the meantime consider turning your bathroom into a press darkroom. Your family will love you for it.