When You Have Volts In Your Drawers

on January 15, 2019
Or, more accurately, a drawer full of volts... Standing around Camera Electronics gives you ideas - in some cases good ones. Like " I want lunch " or " I think I'll buy a $ 5000 camera ." We can't do a sausage roll but we can help with the camera. My time spent at the counter yesterday was rewarded with a look at the new cabinetry and the clever idea someone had to tidy up the back counter. In my day ( Elvis, dinosaurs...) there was a set of power points back there and a worm's nest of cables from them to various chargers. A camera store that sells digital cameras has to demonstrate them and this means big battery use. In turn, this means a charging routine for everthing...but we never seemed to be in that routine. It was chaotic sometimes, swapping batteries and trying to charge them up in time for the displays. Things has changed. There is a dedicated drawer with a bank of power points and a whole series of Hähnel chargers - from the universal ones to the dedicated double slot ones. There are baskets with labels sorting things. Organisation has arrived. And there is a staff member attending to the affairs of the drawer so that the batteries can finally have electricity. Massive applause. Now if I can just get the same organising genius to call out home and attend to my computer room and sock drawer... Note: If you are using a digital camera consider a Hähnel Pro Cube 2 charger for it as a home product. It will do two batteries at once, monitor the charge level that goes in, and display it for quick reference. Keep the one you got in the kit as a travel accessory. If your camera did not come with a charger, get the appropriate Hähnel right away. If you do not have two batteries, do yourself a favour and get a second one...really.