Why Bother...?

on January 31, 2019

Why bother with a lot of things, eh?

Why to bother making the bed - you'll just be back in it in 12 hours. Why bother cleaning the car - it'll just get dirty again in thee months. Why to bother brushing your teeth - you'll be eating with them tomorrow anyway...

Well, if you have ever crawled into a dirty bed after a hard day's work, or seen what industrial pollution will do to the finish on your expensive car, or sat in the dental surgery getting drilled out for another filling...you may well reflect on why you should have bothered.

Likewise with the business of the LCD screen at the back of your digital camera. It's a wonder and a marvel and something you never had to worry about twenty years ago - but this is now and when you are looking at a fresh screen on the back of your new camera you are looking at the future. Straight out of the box it is a clean future, but you are going to change that if you aren't careful.

It is nearly impossible to avoid some damage or scratching on an LCD screen if you unfold it and use it regularly. It doesn't even have to be a touch screen to get swiped and hit in the course of normal photographic life - and many of these encounters leave their mark.

I'll confess that only one of the cameras I regularly use has a screen protector on it - and you can experience a difference in the image each time you compare it to the other ones. Had I been as wise as I would counsel you to be, I should have put a LARMOR or other protector on all of them before they left the shop for the first time. If I wasn't confident in doing it, the technician could have done it for me.

It would have saved me a lifetime of scratches and smudges and served to alert me to the status of the dust bunnies on the sensor as they developed. Had I been even more careless, a screen protector may well have prevented an actual fractured screen. A small price to pay for security.

Note: These thing glass screen protectors are available in a myriad of sizes - directly sized for Nikon and Canon cameras. Talk to the staff for other fittings. Lots of cameras are possible.