Wild Times With Lowepro - Competition And Cash Back!

on June 22, 2015

Looks like the rest of June and July are set to become a little wilder, thanks to Lowepro.

As you all know, Lowepro are one of the foremost camera bag accessory makers in the world. They make special and general bags to carry the world's photographic and computer equipment - as well as the world's sandwiches and bottles of lemonade. They go everywhere.

Now they are going on the Pacific Trail with Reese Witherspoon in a promotion that highlights her new motion picture - aptly named " Wild ". Trail along yourself and you could pick up some prizes. Buy some of the Lowepro equipment and you can get yourself some nice cashbacks.

First the contest:

From 20/06/2015 until 31/07/2015 the wholesalers of Lowepro are going to provide 5 prizes per week for interesting answers to a Lowepro question. There will be 30 prizes in all, each worth $ 39.95...and you can enter once a week if you like. You enter at midnight on Saturday each week.

The question is; How would you use your Lowepro to get wild? Ignore the grammatical bumps in that road - you can understand what they are asking. Write a response that intrigues them and you'll be in the running. They're going to be pretty prompt in telling you if you've won something....early in the week, says their entry form.

Next, the cashbacks - note these are unconnected with the writing contest...

From 19/06/2015 until 31/06/2015 - that's to the end of this month - Lowepro will allow cashbacks to purchasers of their products in two divisions:

1. If you buy products above the value of $ 179 AUD up to $ 269 AUD you'll become eligible for a cashback of $ 30.

2. If you buy products valued above $ 269 AUD you'll become eligible for a cashback of $ 60.

You can find out more about the terms and conditions by clicking here: