Write Rite,Right?

on August 09, 2015

Every morning I sit down to write something for the Camera Electronic blog page. Every evening I sit down to write something for my own personal blog pages*. Surprisingly, all three posts are different, even if they have a common origin in something that has happened or has been observed. This is the advantage of having a scattered mind.

This post is linked automatically to Facebook - how I do not know. It may further echo onto other social sites and contaminate them. I like to think that it does.

The best posts are the ones that attract attention, engender love, and stimulate sales - running a close second are the ones that attract attention and cause furious anger in the readers - because this makes the readers respond just as much as the lovely ones.

We do take notice of what is written back to us via Facebook - and generally respond to it. Nearly always the response is polite, because it is not me writing it. We hope that when people express themselves in this highly visible way that they will remember that they are being seen and judged as much as we are.

Sometimes it is very helpful. Errors of fact do occur with this blog - again they are not generally deliberate, if you discount the week in January when I offered genuine portions of the iceberg that sank the TITANIC...in pint bottles. Anyway, when we are wrong, tell us gently and we will set ourselves right.

* I'm not allowed to tell you what they are but you can ask me because I am HERE ALL WEEK...

Uncle Dick