Your Very Own Fujifilm Printing Lab for $1.25

on November 13, 2016

Well, they say there's nothing new under the sun, but then they said that about digital photography and look at what happened. In particular look and see what happened at the new Camera Electronic shop near the corner of Murray and Queen Street in Perth.

Imagine that you have a great picture in your digital camera or mobile phone and $1.25 in your pocket - and that you want a 6" x 8" enlarged print of it. You walk into Camera Electronic - choose one of the two Fujifilm screens at the front counter of the shop - and press the screen to start it up.

It will ask you what you'd like to do about the picture and walk you though the steps from either a WiFi connection or a memory card. Then it will show you the pictures on your card and ask you which one. You'll get an editing screen that will allow dodging, burning, and cropping as well as overall colour control. When you're happy with the result it will print you a quote and send the electronic file to a second computer screen.

Now, you'll have to pay for the printing, and it won't print out until you get a receipt for money paid from the till. Then it is all stops out and a very short period of time before a finished 6 x 8 print drops down into the receiving tray- hot, dry, and ready to frame.

You are not restricted to size - the system can go from 6 x 4 up a long ways. Ask the staff for sizes.

The joy of it for city workers is that once the files have been loaded into the system and the fee paid, they can go off to work and return later in the day to pick up the results.

In the picture you will see the dedicated staff members of CE. The one drinking from the flask assures us that it is water, though that does not account for the giggling and the air guitar. But we are confident - he's been printing colour pictures for decades. He even printed them before there were colours...That's where he gets the air guitar from too...

Note: Be realistic when you take your images in. GIGO. Take time to edit properly.

The new Camera Electronic city store is now open at 2/324 Murray St, Perth
For opening hours click here