And Now For Something Completely Different...

on November 08, 2016

The advent of the new shop in Murray Street - near the corner of Queen Street and apparently Open All Hours* - has meant some fresh thinking about items to be stocked. I am delighted to see the return of albums and frames.

They once existed in the Stirling Street shop - I remember seeing some in 2008 when I started to work behind the counter there - but the stocks ran down and were never replenished. The business moved to catering for different parts of the market and these humble products were left to other retail shops.

But now they are back - and as a focused offering that might just hit the mark for many city people -particularly with the advent of another new service that you'll see in another weblog column.

Now, let's imagine that you are working in the city and you've got a packet of 6 x 4 pictures of a wedding or birthday that you have just shot. There they are in the paper envelope, but you need to present them to the family in something better...

Think Camera Electronic. We've now got a mini-bar selection of mini albums and frames at the Murray St store that will save the day.

Been travelling? Got the holiday snaps? Got a particularly good one of the landscape where you waited up for hours and captured the last of the sunset? Proud of it? Well, frame it up and put it on the wall and drive your work-mates mad.

How about a travel diary that you make as you go along. How about a travel diary that you can give to your hosts as a thank-you? How about getting your life off your mobile phone and into a book on the shelf - that phone will be tossed in 5 years but your albums will be with you forever.

You've got the camera. You've got the holiday booked. Now plan ahead and make a place for all the good memories to come home to.

Buy a photo album from Camera Electronic. We're Open All Hours*...

Visit the new Camera Electronic store at 2/324 Murray St, Perth
*For opening hours, click here